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Frequently asked questions FAQ

How Do I Buy Comments On TikTok?


Purchasing comments on TikTok is simple, it’s just a 4-step process: 1. Choose whether you want random positive comments or you want write your own comments list. 2. Choose the number of comments you want and add your TikTok videos. 3. Enter your username and select the videos you want to receive the comments on. 4. Lastly, add your card details to proceed with the payment, or checkout with crypto payments.

Should I Buy Random or Custom Comments?


You have the option to choose between 'Random' and 'Custom' comments for TikTok. When you choose 'Random,' positive comments are randomly selected from a predefined list. If you opt for 'Custom,' you can write your own comments for each video, providing a personalized touch. Simply select the video and enter your desired comments in the next step. The choice between Random and Custom comments depends on whether you prefer to get a bunch of positive comments easily or want to tailor them to your specific content.

Can I Spread Comments Between My Videos?


You can select as many videos as you like. Each video selected is treated as a separate package, and you can add them all to your cart together. This allows for flexibility in distributing comments across various posts to enhance engagement on your TikTok content.

Do You Need My TikTok Account Password?


No. When you purchase TikTok comments from Adsos, you don't need to share your password. We never ask for your sensitive information. Moreover we ensure that all the information is kept safe and confidential. You should never share your password with any company. If someone is asking for your password, it’s probably a scam!

Will My Account Get Banned If I Buy TikTok Comments?


If you're worried about your TikTok account getting banned because of purchasing TikTok comments, rest your worries because your account will not be banned. At Adsos, we provide genuine comments by people in the community so your account will not face any penalty. Another cool thing is the anonymity factor. You can snag comments for any TikTok user, making it impossible for the platform to figure out who's behind the scenes. So, no need to worry about getting caught up in any account issues – Adsos has got you covered!

How Fast Will I Start Receiving The Comments?


When you place your TikTok Comments Purchase order on Adsos, our team will immediately work to ensure you get your order in less than an hour. Deliveries usually take a few hours to fully complete, however, the delivery period can vary depending on your order size. If you've any queries, our customer support can assist you.

Who Will Comment On My Posts When I Buy This?


Only genuine accounts will comment on your posts. People with real usernames and unique profiles will post comments under your TikTok videos. The users will have english usernames, profile pictures, and some of them will have videos of their own, too. However, listing the exact usernames of people who'll comment is not possible since the list keeps changing. It is to make sure you get the best comments on your TikTok posts.

How Many TikTok Comments Should I Buy?


It's among one of the most commonly asked questions. If you're also confused about this, remember that the number of comments you want to purchase is directly proportional to your goals. If you're just getting started and want to boost your profile, then our large TikTok comments package can help. However, if you're a reputable figure, you can choose the number of comments that maintain your credibility as an authoritative figure. In a nutshell, higher comments mean bigger results.

Will This Help Me Get To ‘For You’ Page?


If you want your videos to appear on the For You page, then purchasing TikTok comments will be of incredible help. But remember, there is no guarantee purchasing comments will help you. However, according to the algorithm, TikTok FYP pushes videos with a high engagement rate. For this, you should purchase a combination of Tiktok engagement services, including comments, likes and views. This increases the chances of TikTok picking your video to display on the ‘For You’ page.

How Can Buying TikTok Comments Help Me Get Popular?


Having a big number of TikTok comments means people like you. When a visitor looks at a video and sees over 1,000 comments, they subconsciously believe that the person is popular. Thus, having many comments also provides social proof. It persuades people that your content is worth watching, commenting, and sharing. This ultimately brings you closer to growing your TikTok account.

Can I Buy a TikTok Comments Package More Than Once?


Yes. There's no minimum or maximum limit to how many times you can purchase TikTok comments. However, make sure that your previous order is delivered. Once your previous order is delivered, you can place the next order to supercharge your TikTok comments section.

Why Are My TikTok Comments Not Working?


There can be many reasons why TikTok comments are not working properly. First of all, you should check your internet connection. If your internet connection is fine, then check the TikTok server. Wait before reconnecting. Another reason for TikTok comments not working might be that the post owner has limited access to the comment section. If none of the above methods seem to work, contact the TikTok support team. You should delete your app and then reinstall it to check if it works.

Can You Delete TikTok Comments?


Yes. You can delete your TikTok comments. However, you can delete comments on your posts only or the comments made by your account on someone else's posts. If you want to delete unwanted comments, simply click on the comment and hold it. Now tap on the delete button. That's how you can delete comments on TikTok videos.

Is It Safe To Buy TikTok Comments?


Of course. You can buy TikTok Comments safely from Adsos. We will not demand any sensitive information, such as your password, login details, etc. Add your username, choose videos and your TikTok comments will be safely delivered instantly. Our website is fully SSL secured, so all your information is safe.

Why Should I Buy TikTok Comments?


Purchasing TikTok comments from Adsos amplifies your brand's TikTok strategy. Adsos specializes in delivering positive and impactful comments, transforming passive viewers into an engaged community. With a focus on guaranteed interaction, Adsos gives you freedom to contribute to meaningful conversations around your content. The service guarantees results, providing quick user engagement that resonates with your audience. By strategically leveraging TikTok comments from Adsos, your brand not only gains visibility but also establishes a unique narrative in the TikTok landscape. This isn't just about boosting numbers; it's a pivotal step towards cultivating an active and loyal TikTok community that sets your brand apart.

Will Comments Be Deleted Over Time?


Your comments will not be deleted, we even give a complimentary 30-day guarantee that they will stay, or we will add more. No one can delete comments from your account. But you can delete them yourself, so they will not go anywhere unless you delete your TikTok comments.

Is Purchasing TikTok Comments Legal?


Yes it is. Many people purchase social media growth services to give a much-needed boost to their accounts. Purchasing TikTok Comments or any other growth services is not illegal. There's no law which is against its use. Many agencies are offering these services, and many people purchase them. So, if you want to improve your TikTok comments section, purchasing comments is completely legal.

Is It Visible That You Paid For TikTok Comment?


No. Nobody's going to even get a hint that you purchased TikTok comments from Adsos. So, if you think your friends, followers, or subscribers will know you bought comments then you're mistaken. The comments will simply appear in your video comment section and blend with organic comments.

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